1. Thx for this video , I was looking to upgrade my a7s1 for a long time and the ninja V I think is the only logical choice for a cheap external recorder .

  2. Your video convinced me to take the route less traveled. I purchased an Atomos Ninja V for my aging A7s instead of going to the A7s III or A7 IV route. Got an excellent deal on the Ninja V. I will do lots of experimenting.

    Could you help me with my picture profile? And perhaps your grading process too?

  3. Hey, Thanks for sharing this, I have an A7s and wanted to buy Ninja v, I was just wondering can you record directly on your micro card in camera or you need to add a SSD on Ninja ?

  4. On a side note, have you tried using APSC lenses with A7S? Is there a loss of resolution? Can it be overcome when using A7S in 4K mode when using APSC lenses? I am thinking of buying a couple of Sirui Anamorphics to complete the setup. Since these lenses are APSC, do you think combining them with A7S in 4k with Ninja V will help in overcoming the crop on the sensor in terms of resolution?

  5. Thank you for this great review. Can you please talk a bit about the file sizes when shooting with Ninja V in 4K? Can this also shoot Raw? I have heard that when shooting RAW the files sizes are 1TB/hour. I desperately want to stick to my A7S and this might a lifesaver.

  6. This is beautiful! Pretty nuts that you can get such a rich and detailed recording out of such an old body.

  7. Im still wondering if going from 4:2:0 XAVC-S 1080p to 4:2:2 ProRes 4k 24p will make a huge difference to my vids. Also,is s-log really so much better in detail? I shoot in cine4 all the time using 55mm zeiss. I’m really considering getting ninja v on my a7s i,i think the no ibis and 4k prores is better than internal 4k from a7s ii

  8. Thanks for posting this! Adding a Ninja is so much more cost effective than upgrading to a new body. Money saved! Hats off to your skills too 🤘

  9. Good image quality. I hardly see any of digital looks or sony colour issues given from those comparison video. I think it all depends on the light condition and grading. Do you see any differences between internal FHD and external 4k or even FHD in colour and image quality? Prores codec in external recorder gives better colour prospect either in 4k or FHD.
    I have shinobi and thinkin of i should have bought ninja v just paying extra.

  10. These shots are beautiful, thanks for sharing. I have the same set up – however “HDMI 4K OUTPUT” on the A7S stays greyed out no matter what I do. Any advice? Am I missing a step to allow the camera to see the Ninja V? Thanks in advance!

  11. I am still own an A7S and thinking about buying the Ninja V or get a Sii for 4k since internal HD is not good enough for today. But for the almost same price I prefer getting the Ninja V because it has more advantage like ProRes and so on. Thanks for the video so I can see how well can the A7S do with extenal recorder !

  12. Very nice video!! I also own original sony a7s,do you think it s worth getting atomos ninja v?

  13. Do you own native Sony glass? I’d like to see what you can pull off with internal 1080/24p and some native glass like the 24-70mm f4 during golden hour. I own the A7s but have yet to put it to good use due to the RX100v being so easy to use!

  14. With footage like that I can’t see how spending $3500 (a7siii) makes sense for a slight bump in quality. Unless you want to ditch the Ninja V and record all internal.. A7siii is obviously a better cam but I doubt you see that big a difference for the money with your current setup.

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