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    *Sony A7R IV A – Long Term Review* + My Favorite Lenses –

  2. Great Lens and great review! Thanks! I wish only one astro test for coma levels in the corner! Slava Ukraine!

  3. my Viltrox 23mm 1.4 i can hear the motor noise non stop when i playback the video on my PC. the solution is to use the phone as a recorder and sync the audio with the camera. beside that a bit of dark corners but stunning image quality overall and super sharp. My sony 15mm f1.4G is absolute silence below zero noise.

  4. This year i am finally going to my dream destination.. Hong Kong! And i bought a sony a7c last year.. with a 24-70 sony oss zeiss lens.. but want something alot wider! So i can make a cool hong kong at night cinematic like video😝 and i was about to pull the trigger on a tamron 17-28.. but now there is this lens! Which one would you pick out of those 2? Anyway another great review! Keep up the great work! Greetings from the Netherlands

  5. I am thankful I held back for the Sony Wide angle prime.

    Picked up the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm f2.8 but not great.

    Liked the Sigma 14-28 but it’s just too heavy.

    This is a great lens. Just picked one up as well.

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