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  2. I like the aviators. There’s a D-list Canadian rapper under the name Michael Rushden in Vancouver. This look gives me Michael Rushden vibes.

  3. Follow Up to my old comment,. So I went to Sony’s headquarters, but they told me that they will fix that camera problem with their next software update…

  4. Quite a pleasing image, but yeah, the minimum focusing distance is not great.
    ST profile is definitely working for you. Looks great!

  5. I just stumbled upon the Sony FX3. Not exactly dirt cheap but very, very close to the perfect, video-centric camera. Did I miss anything?

  6. I’m still a bit of a camera novice. So basically these lenses are on the Sony A7S, a full frame sensor. So a 20mm on a smaller frame will be different, correct?

  7. That Sony X3000 is just so amazing! The lens review was great, really nice pairing! Thanks for sharing! So much great squirel footage and what is up with the Canadian bugs? 🙂

  8. I could be wrong but the X3000 looks super cool on the vest. As if you landed on the flat earth to bring us affiliate links for breakfast.

  9. 14:33 I really like the reflections in your aviators. Almost a little like Morpheus. The cinema is ours!
    (You should go down that rabbit hole 🤩🙌).

  10. Wow… that looks pretty good. I think 15mm is too wide, the corners get smeared and stretched on my RF 15-35mm.

  11. that 16mm F1.8 performed rather decently, think on a scrub life APS-C camera it could work rather well, love the fact that it does not breath that alone is so dam awesome

  12. The Viltrox has a sharper more saturated image that’s more pleasing to the eye than the Sony.

  13. It’s a bit pointless to demand 3d pop from a 16mm lens, as if you have tons of 16mm available that all have excellent 3d pop and now this one doesn’t have it, which is a serious drawback, never mind. And the comparison is also pointless because the Viltrox shot is overexposed and the resolution is much lower, which reduces contrast and details, totally unfair.
    The downsides of this lens are the weight and the AF doesn’t seem to be very reliable, especially in the squirrel part.
    And you should have seen how it work for astrophotography, because that would certainly interest many.

  14. I feel like the bokeh quality quite smeary looking… honestly the X3000 still the king. xD

  15. You must have modified the X3000, in no other video of any YouTuber does footage from the X3000 look as good as in this video.

  16. Great job on the video Kasey! Thanks for making it. What about the 15mm APS-C lens from Sony? For that matter, Sigma also has a 16mm that might just have some toneh…

    A return of the Sony Action Cam?!?! HUZZAH!!!

  17. Can you do a video of the difference between shooting in pp11 straight out of camera vs. Whatever you do with the colors using the grey card using the a7Siii?

  18. Casey, have you been drinking Fluorided water??? This was waaaay too positive for you. Did CSIS replace you with AI!??!?!

  19. If you manage to catch that fly with chopsticks, don’t forget to include affiliate links for them.

  20. This viltrox is kinda impressive. And is 60% of the sony 20mm f1.8 price … only the weight is kinda off putting for weakling like me … and also seems tomorrow S5IIX with 18mm F1.8 will arrive :D.

  21. The highlights of this look incredibly smeary compared to the glory of the RF24mm
    It’s like my vintage Minolta lenses, has to probably be stopped down to 2.8 to coear it up

  22. That lens you are using in the studio at the beginning makes your head bigger when you are close to the lens you look like Jimmy Neutron 😂

  23. I finally bought the Sony ZV-E1 so i can finally have a sleek autofocus camera that i can use to play cinema with myself like you do.
    Only i still need an AF lens.. need that 20mm 1.8 asap hoping i can score one open box for 500, 550.. God willing.. I’ve got like a dozen lenses but they’re all manual..🙄
    I’m getting one or two of your shirts soon lol, love your content

  24. Every now and then I have to say it (again)…your content is absolutely hilarious AND very informative:)

    So thanks for putting in all the effort❤🙌

  25. You should look into EL Zone System, designed by cinematographer Ed Lachman. It will help you compare colors in cameras in a more scientific way. Some of the problems you are having with Sony Colors might be do to exposure issues.

  26. Squirrel + bee, the cinema was ours. I wish I had nice chocolate colored squirrels like you have in Canada. How do you do that? Do you roll them in soot? The thing about Viltrox is that now their stuff is decent. That’s tough, because now we are forced to think, and that hurts. Do I want Viltrox, or first party, or this ludicrously expensive Leica lens? Life used to be simpler.

  27. there‘s a mew sigma dg dn 20 mm toneh 1.4… youre a m0ron …also theres a 24 mm dg dn 24 mm, both for e mount and dont even think about your 3rd part bs bull poop stop kidding yourself … get the cinema to your living room

  28. The white trash Viltrox lens is perfect for filming my life. Flat and lacking pop is the look I need.

  29. Not gonna lie, that’s among the best wide angle lenses you’ve used. Have you given thought to the Laowa 15m f/2 zero D?

  30. To catch a fly you need to move your hand VERY slowly towards them. Then they don’t see you coming.

  31. You got the girl, the stylish shades and you’re doing the job you love… you got it made

  32. What use have I for hazelnuts when I can’t buy a squirrel through your affiliate links to feed them to?

  33. What do you think of the Sony Aibo for vlogging? With the built-in microphone, is this their replacement for the X3000?

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