1. I find it cool you have a 2015 15″ Mac Book Pro, i just recently bought one how is it holding up for you?

  2. i recently bought the nikon z30 and i came from an iPhone so its already a big step up in itself for me.

  3. Fuji has the best Aps-C lineup, looks beautiful, except the Fuji A series all other series have viewfinders, colours are good, ergonomics are good… Sony looks plasticky, Canon is downright ugly, Nikon looks good but only 4 live Aps-c cameras lol… Also, also, fuji got good lens lineup (not as many as sony) but a lot more than canon and nikon. Fuji is easily the best choice for Aps-c mirrorless cameras

  4. Hi there, love your video, I’m actually aiming for the Canon R10 now, I would like to ask you about your views and opinions on the Canon R10, is it a great deal?

  5. is it also good for photography?
    i actually need a balance between photo and video, so should i go for this or a6400?

  6. Canon R50 or th Canon R10? If i want to focus on photography specifically for Architecture and Nature photography. Or if there is any DSLR that can get the job done better than the mirrorless please advise.

    The camera should be in budget range. Please advise, waiting for your response.

    Thanks alot ❤❤

  7. The fuji wasn’t on my radar at all, but it looks like what I’m looking for. I want a camera to make my own cinematic b roll, and the color profiles and high bitrate look perfect.

  8. please canon m50 mkII vs canon r10 for dental photography, please specific advise on a at least 90mm macro lens, budget ringflash please!!

  9. I decided to go with ZV E10 instead of R50 because of the auto focus and video limitation

    Do better canon

  10. Hands down pick up a Sony a6400, as 4038 B 24-megapixel sensor which produces beautiful images hgo s log2 s log3 picture profiles there is no record limit and the screen doesn’t Dim when it does work a and it never overheats and all for under $1,000 do you have Sony’s beautiful Lands lineup which is the best around the whole Market why would you choose anything else lol

  11. In CANON R50 Dual pixel auto focus is amazing, HDR mode 10 bit video is just amazing for beginners and if someone is into vlogging….
    I just got mine yesterday

  12. I found a brand new Fujifilm x-t30. Would you say that a brand new mk ii is worth paying an extra $200 for?

  13. Hi there, looking for best camera for photography only in 500$ mark, any suggestions plss

  14. Thank you for your videos they are very helpful!! I want to buy my first camera, focusing on photography but also occasional video with good quality. I’m between the Canon R50, Sony A6400 or Sony ZV-E10… Help please!

  15. What is the best camera in terms of shooting pictures, not videos, pictures such as people, nature, animals, and products within a price limit of no more than 700 dollars … I hope for a response, thank you ❤❤

  16. I don’t know why I kept searching for budget cameras from time to time, none of these cameras are even near my budget. Even if I double my budget.

    But thanks for the video. It helps me pass my time window shopping at least.

  17. How is “budget” $800 – $1100? I think for most people, “budget” is like $200-$300, if you’re not a professional.

  18. I am thinking to buy my first camera which one you recommend me for a long time mainly for landscape photography

  19. do you have any recommendations for filming a concert? not professionally good, just for youtube and social media

    im going to coldplay in november and my budget range about $500 – $1500, need a camera for picture and filming and have decent amount of battery at least for 5+ hours

  20. What camera would u recommend me? im into short films cinematic planning to get one next week

  21. I am very confused about which camera should I buy for the first time focused on Photography. ZV-E10 or R50 or fuji xt30 ii?? I will buy what you suggest 😬. My priority is photography not video.

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