1. Skils kaha hai bhai kaha hai skils sala model ko toda direction batao framing dhang sai karo this is true camera doesn’t matter skills matters bru

  2. – জীবনে অনেক কিছু পাওয়ার থেকে তোমাকে
    পাওয়ার ইচ্ছা টা সবচেয়ে বেশী.!! 😌🖤

  3. na koi kisi se door hota hai
    na koi kisi ke krib hota hai
    wo khud he chal ke aata hai
    jo jiska nasib hota hai

  4. Why are u guy ruining the name of camera such a poor photography thuii🤢🤮 if u wanna make video of this kind please firstly learn photography dont just ruined the name of camera 😂

  5. When you see the gray square box going over his head that’s because the camera is detecting his face, hold down the AF-on button and it will keep focus on the face. When shooting portrait always focus on the eye or face ☺️

  6. Avaru Veetuku Oru Pei or Jinn Parcel 😂😂 podunga Bhaai

  7. How amteur see camera : so cool
    How 2 year photographer see : just open file after shooting, u gona see how bad sony color are. Shooting photo without retouch is only 30%. To ge5 good image i retouch sometime 30-100 min. And buy a tripod for your phone, dont lim sượt 1 hand and shooting 1 hand it suck

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