1. Would really like to see a 20 50 f2.8 or similar to go with my Tamron 50 400 which is currently my favourite lens. I have the Tamron 20 40 2.8, the additional reach would give me an ideal set up. I live in hope👍😊

  2. I purchased the tamron 35-150 and tamron 17-28 and viltrox 85 1.8 II for my a7iv and I still can’t believe this is my kit I just had an a6400 the kit lens and a sigma 30 a yr and a half ago and now I feel like I’m dreaming 😀

  3. I have the 100-400 GM that I use for Wildlife/Birding and I love the lens but I’m struggling with the 400 MM. I can shoot in crop mode with the A1 so I probably shouldn’t worry too much about it but I really miss the 600 MM at 50 MP when I rented the 200-600. I do have a 1.4x but TBH, the image quality isn’t the same and on a overcast day the f8 limits me. I would love to see a 100-400 II with a built in Tele, that would turn my head or if the focal range was changed to 150-500. In the past month I’ve added the 200-600 to my “Cart” with a trade in of the 100-400 but I just could not do it. When I need 100 plus MM for some landscapes I use my 35-150, so I really have the 100 MM -150 covered with that lens so perhaps one day soon I’ll do the trade. I also want badly an A1 firmware. update. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

  4. Canon RF 100-500 is not 4.5-5.6, it is 4.5-7.1. And with a tele converter you can only use it between 300 and 500.

  5. I think we’re 100% gonna see a 85mm 1.2 or a 85 1.4 gm II. Maybe we’ll see a 800mm f8 or f11 prime.

    I wanna see a sigma 70-200 2.8, although I’d probably just get the 35-150 from tamron anyways.

  6. Can you tell me where this rumor came from? I think we need to find out the details. I’m going to buy a 100-400gm lens.

  7. I’m done buying lenses for the foreseeable future. I have the 24 GM, little 50 G, 135 GM, 100-400 GM and the Sigmas 14-24 and 24-70 (as well as a ton of vintage glass) so I’ve pretty much got every base covered with how I shoot. MAYBE interested in the Sigma 150-600 for more reach, but it would just be a “nice to have” more than a “I got to have.” The only thing that would tickle my tits right now, would be a 400 f/4. I’d sell my 100-400 for that. I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t feel the 100-400 needs a mark 2 at this time.

    Overall, I’d rather put that money towards travel to use the gear I have.

  8. would really love a 24-105 GM with F2.8 or so. the 24-105 is sooo good in terms of flexibility and a faster one that is also usable in low light would be insane

  9. Want to see a Tamron 500-800 f5.0-8.0. A Sigma 300-800/6.3 would be cool too. Also looking forward to the expected Sigma 135/1.8 with their new linear motors.

  10. A Tamron f2 “trinity” would be cool. 20-35/2, 35-70/2, 70-140/2. Keep each one small and within a 2x zoom. I’d absolutely buy all three.

  11. Maybe Sony can do what Nikon has done and extend their 24-105 f/4 to become a 24-120, which also puts a bit more daylight between it and the 20-70 f/4.

  12. I’m in for that 100-500 even if that ends to f6.3 or even 8 if helps to keep weight down to around 1kg. We NEED tons of budget, compact and light telephoto and super telephoto prime lenses like:
    200mm f2.8, 300mm f4, 400mm f5, 500mm f6.3, 600mm f8. All G lenses.
    A G branded 300-700mm f 4.5-7.1 even if it’s only for apsc.
    For GM, 100-300mm f4 can be welcome or that rumored 140-400 f4. One of the can be for apsc only. And some internal teleconvertor would be nice to have too. 400 f4 GM with internal 1.75x teleconvertor!

  13. i just want more portable super telephotos, anything under 3 lbs in the 500mm range to pair with a great apsc update! a 100-500 like canon under 3 lbs would absolutely be awesome!!!

  14. Nice video! I think you’re bang on – a zoom with a constant f4 would be a huge hit. As well as the big primes with the built in TCs like Nikon has released. The 600 and 400 are amazing lenses, but having a slider to pop out 1.4x would be incredible. Very handy for wildlife shooters.

  15. I do not understand the fascination of incorporating a tele into lenses. Sony has always been about making the gear smaller…lighter…better.
    Frankly…Nikon went HUGE with their lenses because they couldn’t go as small as Sony…better to be a contrast than third place…well…5th place.
    I think the 85mm f/1.2 will be a killer lens…best of a crowded field…which should be no surprise anymore.
    The zooms…okay…I am biased…I hope everybody gets what they want.

    Great video…

  16. Sigma needs to give us a native DG DN version of the huge 105 f1.4 that hopefully sheds a little weight without sacrificing image quality.

  17. Hi, for versatile uses, with sony camera wich lens do you recommend? FE 28-70mm oss (f.3.5 5.6 SEL287O or aps- c
    Sony E 16-55mm f 2.8G(SEL1655G) thanks

  18. I want 16-35gm ii. I bought the 24-70 gm and then after my return period passed. The gm ii came out. I’m planning to get a 16-35gm right now so maybe gm ii is coming out ? Yes we have so many options but not at a affordable price 😢

  19. Did you realized 400 f/4 has an optical front element size of at least 100mm? Leaving some room for a sturdy barrel, plus the zoom mechanisms, you will get a 100-400 f/4 lens at least 125mm in diameter and 2.5kg in weight. The price will be fairly close to 400GM.

  20. I like to see Sigma pushing the boundaries with the primes. 85mm F1.2, Replacing the old HSM Art lenses like 105mm F1.4 with a smaller and lighter lens. 40mm F1.2 and 50mm F1.2. I like to see Emount primes for 200, 300 and 400mm F2.8 and F4. Tamron making a 24-150mm F2-f2.8.

  21. I agree, I’d love to see a newer 100-400 GM II that is lighter and with internal zoom. Imagine that!😍👍🏽

  22. Some competition on standard macro lens with internal stabilisation.
    A light f4 or f2.8 short powerzoom for gimbal.
    a collapsing long telephoto prime.
    an autofocussing mirrorlens lineup.
    an answer to the canon 100-300 f2.8 for sport.
    a new version of the Sigma green bazooka.
    a new version of the sigma 18-35 and 50-100 for mirrorless aps-c.
    A 200 f1.8.
    A prime with controlable swirling bokeh.
    A zoom with a function for vertigo effect.
    maybe a very fast autofocussing prime at or under f1 can be 35 to 50mm to shoot at candle light and break the limit of the canon 50 f1.

  23. Pleeeeease, make someone a new incredible macro 150mm masterpiece, for Sony E-mount, like was Sigma 150 for DSLR!!!!! No more than 750 gramms, and with OS will be super. I`m waiting for it so long 😭

  24. I agree with a 100-400 Mark lI. I have held up on purchasing the current version with the hope of a v2.

    I personally would also luv to see an upgrade to the 24-105. I own the current model and it is a favorite everyday lens for me.

  25. i would like to see sony do a 24-105 f2.8 since we got a f4 ….just give use the same thing but a f2.8 for lil more money ….or mybe a 10mm-50mm f2.8 would be cool …i do like the idea of a 105 f1.8 or 1.4 lens …..or mybe since they got a 135 f1.8 mybe do a 150mm f1.4

  26. I’d like to stay native with sony, but I would really like to see some improvement with the price. Like 24-70 2.8 standard zoom is for sure a lens a lot of people like and want to have, but maybe not for around 2400$

  27. Is there any chance that the Sony FE 200-600 f/5.6-6.3 Series OSS Lens get an upgrade like the Sony FE 70-200 f/2.8 GM OSS Mark II Lens ? Please… since the New Sony FE 70-200 f/2.8 GM OSS Mark II Lens has been released I’m dreaming for a Sony FE 200-600 f/5.6-6.3 Series OSS Mark II

  28. I am using the 40mm f2.5 G. An f1.4 GM version would be cool.
    The 24-105 is super useful. An internally zooming, super compact mk 2 with macro ability would be a dream lens.

  29. I think the 16-35mm GM II is on deck. That’s the last lens of the Sony holy trinity that hasn’t been updated. I would also like to see some more wide angle zooms from Tamron and Samyang, say wider than 17mm.

  30. I would like to see a move on APSC lenses! I shoot with both FF and APSC, and feel that, at least from Sony’s side, there has been a slightly worse investment in APSC. If there is now a new APSC camera in the works, I hope that there will be more lenses and above all slightly longer zoom lenses!

  31. I’d like to see a simple 200mm f2 from tamron or sigma, or viltrox perhaps. That’d be great

  32. The Samyang AF 135mm f1.8 FE is a much better lens than the Sony 135mm f1.8 GM, and it’s much lighter and much cheaper too, so I wouldn’t waste your money buying overpriced Sony lenses thinking they must be the best lenses for Sony bodies just because they cost more…It simply isn’t the case.
    As for a possible Sony 100mm f1.4 , well that would be pointless as it will have the exact same bokeh as the 135mm f1.8 GM, but it will just be bigger and heavier…You only have to compare the Sigma 105mm f1.4 with any of the fast 135mm f1.8’s out there to see this.
    Tom Calton made a good comparison video showing the bokeh from a 85mm f1.2 is the same as the bokeh from a 105mm f1.4 and the same as a 135mm f1.8 (because as the focal length increases the aperture required to get the same bokeh reduces) so you would need a 50mm f0.95 to get the same bokeh with a 50mm lens as with the 85/1.2, 105/1.4 and 135/1.8, and many such 50mm f0.95 full frame lenses are now easily available, thanks to the Chinese, but they are all manual focus only, and most are manual aperture only too, which isn’t to everyone’s liking.
    As is impossible to buy wider full frame lens, say a 35mm, with a faster aperture than f0.95, it means that if you want the same bokeh quality as the aforementioned lenses, then you have no choice but to use a 50mm or more prime.
    BTW, the Tamron 35-105mm f2-2.8 may have been a masterpiece once, when no competition was available but the new Samyang version is even better, yet it’s much cheaper, so that is the new masterpiece in the zoom lens category.

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